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Our Latest Works

Voice Over Audio Production

You are looking for a voice over artist that can represent your brand, connect with your customers and give real meaning to your media campaign. At Audio Concepts, you will find our extensive roster of professional voice talent and state of the art digital sound recording studios can help you connect with customers you never thought you'd have.

Audio Production Specialists

As a premiere sound recording studio, we offer creative audio solutions for your digital, broadcast and on hold marketing communications. Get noticed, communicate and engage with your customers with professionally produced content from the audio production specialists at Audio Concepts.

Voiceover Search

Looking for a voice? Searching and hiring the right voice can be a time consuming, daunting task. With over 35 million voiceover sites, where do you begin? And when you do find a voice, can you really trust they’ll deliver what you want? At Audio Concepts, we can help. We personally select, screens and audition every talent before they join our world-class voices.

Radio Advertising

Tired of your radio advertising not delivering the results you expect? Frustrated with your commercials sounding just like every other spot on the air? If your radio advertising is falling short, relax, it’s not the medium, it’s the message. From national brand campaigns to local promotional marketing, at Audio Concepts we’ve helped thousands of clients just like you.

ISDN | Digital

Your voice talent’s in Seattle, the client is in Montreal and you’re on the road… not a problem. With our ISDN and our digital studio network, we can handle all the connections so talent and client can work together seamlessly, no matter where they are. Audio Concepts is just like being there.

Sound Design and Audio Post

George Lucas once said that every movie is fifty percent sound. You’ve put all your efforts into your video, but something is missing. Sound sets the emotion, highlights the importance of a scene and provides the drive that gives real meaning to your story. At Audio Concepts, we use the canvas of sound to bring your creative ideas to life, online and on air.


Today, podcasts are a powerful marketing tool that enables you to inform, connect and engage with your customers on the go, at home or at work. For marketing professionals, podcasting continues to provide the right opportunity to reach customers in a new and interactive way. Tell your company’s story, and keep listeners coming back with a podcast from Audio Concepts.

Meet Chris Jensen

 A promising career in broadcasting led Chris to specialize in the production arts and the founding of Audio Concepts. From the first broadcast commercial to our latest digital campaign, quality has been the driving beat of everything we do. Read More


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