A promising career in broadcasting led Chris to specialize in the production arts. After honing his craft at one of the world's leading production companies, he returned to northeast Ohio and opened Audio Concepts.  From our first broadcast commercial to the latest digital campaign, quality has been the driving beat of everything we do.

As a highly sought after producer/engineer, Chris brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to every session. Clients appreciate his attention to detail which frequently is the difference between an “accepted” and an “excellent” production.  Chris possesses an innate to communicate a message and understands how technology can assist in that objective.

Today, Audio Concepts offers creative audio solutions for digital, broadcast and on hold marketing communications. We produce  content in multiple languages for clients throughout the world. Our experience inspires us to continually searching for new and unique voice-over artists; always listening for world class talent to add to our cadre of outstanding voices.

Local, regional and international companies rely on his expertise to stay competitive in an ever changing world.