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The opportunities to connect and engage with your customers are      virtually unlimited with today’s media. Traditional, Digital, Social & On Hold | IVR. But each requires a different approach and special attention in order to make a lasting impression. At Audio Concepts, we create the content that engages and gets noticed.

"Sixteen years ago, Chris was the engineer for the first radio spots I ever wrote and produced. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Within seconds, Chris’s natural, relaxed personality and skill had me relaxed as well, and we knocked out three awesome spots. OK, it was mostly Chris. Since then I’ve probably worked with Chris a couple hundred times, and it’s always the same relaxed atmosphere that enables us to work hard without the process feeling like work at all. Before, during and after the production, Chris is always responsive and his instincts uncanny. I look forward to working with him over the next 20 or 30 years ." 
Mike Lawrence, Creative Director, AHKIA

 It starts by getting to know you and your customer and what leads to their path to purchase.  Our team works with you to make your video, commercial, or on hold production stand out from the crowd. World class voices over artists interpret your creative concept, and a dedicated executive sound producer ensures its delivered on time and on budget. Hear why advertisers, industry leaders and growing companies turn to Audio Concepts when they need to heard.

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