"Sixteen years ago, Chris was the engineer on board for the first radio spots I ever wrote and got to produce. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Within second, Chris’s natural, relaxed personality and skill on the “motherboard” (what were all those buttons? Who cares? It worked!) had me relaxed as well, and we knocked out three awesome spots. OK, it was mostly Chris. Since then I’ve probably worked with Chris a couple hundred times, and it’s always the same relaxed and fun atmosphere that enables us to work hard without the process feeling like work at all. Before, during and after the production, Chris is always responsive and his instincts for what works is uncannily on point. I look forward to working with him over the next 20 or 30 years ." Mike Lawrence, Creative Director, AHKIA
"Chris has the uncanny ability to make you feel as though you are the only client he is working with. He is always on his game; fast, efficient, and superbly talented at what he does." Kristin Kretzler Videographer/Video Editor Anthony Thomas Advertising
"Audio Concepts just gets it. We can give them a small idea and they make it bigger. They understand what I want to do and can take one word, help us change the emphasis and change the whole concept of the spot. They pick the best music and sound effects...and help bring our ideas to life." Molly Becker Marketing & Communications Manager Akron Metro RTA
"The talent pool is great and the vetting of the talent is really convenient. He also lends a lot in the area of directing the talent to get the kind of performance we need. The technology is what it is...but the process, you have no idea how easy you make the process." Mike Hudock Hudock Creative
"It's a rarity anymore to find a studio owner and engineer like yourself who is willing to throw themselves into a production with as much excitement and enthusiasm as you do. Not to mention the fun we have recording Steve Mackall and other voices from NY and LA over your flawless ISDN connection." Paul Tapie', Creative Director
"Audio Concepts has been our exclusive audio provider for over a decade. Chris frequently excels at quickly understanding what we’re shooting for conceptually with very little direction. This allows him to participate in the creative process, where he is a valuable contributor. The quality of Chris’ finished work and his stable of voice talent makes Audio Concepts an easy choice. Additionally, Chris takes the time to understand our needs beyond spot creation and placement to help ensure that we continue to satisfy both client and manufacturer needs. Finally, and on far too many occasions, Chris really came through for us with little (or no) lead times. If you absolutely need a professional one-shot-kill, this is the guy." Devon Miller: Corporate Marketing Strategy | National Advertising & Multi-Channel Campaign Manager The Tire Team Network
"As a producer for a commercial videography/photography company, I have had the experience of working with several different vendors, clients, talent, etc. Chris is without a doubt one of the most reliable, knowledgeable and efficient creatives I have had the privilege of working with. There have been several times I have received final audio files before I even made it back to the studio. I'm often dealing with late notices and short deadlines, but Chris always finds a way to meet the project's needs in a timely manner, he also has an extensive collection of amazing voice talents. I will continue to hire and recommend Chris Jensen. Autumn Bland Producer, Photographer, Social Media Specialist Todd Biss Photography
"Chris goes above and beyond the call of duty with each and every one of his clients on every job. His keen eye and ear is a testament to his personal wish to see each of clients succeed! Chris only produces the highest quality work or he simply does do it!" Vinny Maculaitis Entrepreneur