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As featured in, 2016 was an exciting year at Audio Concepts with great digital and broadcast productions, radio commercials, innovative soundtracks, web videos and creative scripts.

Made In Akron in 2016

So, what does a mite sound like?  We searched and answered that question when we auditioned and cast the voices for producer Mike Hudock and UPI's Banter Miticide's radio campaign.

We tapped the talents of national voiceover artist Dave Elvin for Bombardier Recreational Products’ Spring and Fall campaigns that aired throughout the United States and Canada.  Audio Concepts recorded and produced over 1500 unique dealer radio commercials for Geometry Global and their client BRP in 2016.

March Madness brought us back to the court for for this HFA created Liquid Nails commercial that aired on radio broadcasts leading up to the Final Four. Written and produced by Kirk Norris

As video drives more internet traffic, media producers rely on Audio Concepts for innovative sound design and mixing to bring their vision to life. In 2016 we created the sound design for Sanctuary Software's video announcing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers renovation of Raymond James Stadium.

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