Is this a new “golden age” of recording

Many in our industry yearn for what they consider to be the golden age of recording. You know, the days when facilities were busy producing radio and television commercials and music studios were booked months on end with artists' projects.  Voice talents carved a niche in their local markets; production was time consuming;  and anyone working on an album needed a well equipped studio in which to produce a marketable product. While my early days in this business were certainly fun,  I believe what we are experiencing now is  a new golden age of recording.

Consider that today more people are pursuing the dream of being a recording artist, audio and video producer or voice over talent than ever before. The cost of entry is no longer a limiting factor, but success depends on creative abilities.  And while this means more competition, there's also more applications for what we create: Traditional media, online and in store just to name a few.

For those of us in the communications arts; voice talents, producers and studios;  the question has always been: What kind of service can we provide that will help businesses stand out in a crowded and noisy media landscape?

At Audio Concepts, we follow a rather traditional business model for a commercial production studio. We work with advertisers, their agencies as well as corporate communications departments. But we also work with companies creating exciting content for websites, in-store media and product videos placed on YouTube,  Vimeo and other social sites.  We work with musicians, voice talents, agencies and producers all over the world. We collaborate with people we’ve never met face to face.   And we continue to build a reputation for quality by consistently delivering a product that surpasses client expectations.

Everywhere we go, audio and video surrounds us. Today there are more opportunities to create the sounds that motivate and capture attention than ever before. Are we in the midst of a new golden age of recording? Only time will tell, but all I can say is that I’m excited the technology allows us to work with such a diverse group of clients and talented individuals.

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