Television’s impact is that it delivers what no other media can...Sight & Sound.  And today's viewer demands a quality experience that begins with exceptional sound. At Audio Concepts, we harness the power of audio to create an emotional connection between you and your audience. Script, voice and sound design merge to forge a receptive environment for your advertisement.

"Audio Concepts is much more than just a recording facility. Their professionalism and the quality of the  product, I can’t imagine getting anywhere else."  Eric Vaughan, Red Point Digital Co-Creator, Ridge Reaper.
"As a long-time producer and voice over talent, I can say Chris is the best sound designer I have EVER worked with and no one has better instincts for how music fits with a spot, either"  Paul Tapie', Producer, Creative Director

If your television advertising doesn't quite cut it, discover what our clients already know...that its more than our studios, voice over artists and sound libraries that makes us different, it’s our unique ability to take your script and make it sound extraordinary.
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