The Banter Mites are back

They're back!

When the creative team for UPL contacted us to search for voices for their Mite Banter radio, we knew we had some great talent to present. But who knew how successful they would be?

While presenting voices for a comedic radio spot, the talent's timing and interplay is what we listen for. We also find it best to pair talents during auditions whenever possible, after all, they will be working and reacting with one another during the session; and if we’re lucky, magic happens.

This year, the Mites were back in the studio for a radio campaigned aimed at grape and almond growers in California's Central Valley, featuring the talents of Brian Myslwy and Gail Golden. Here's some of the radio in which they have played the Banter Mites.

Mite Banter Grapes 2019

Mite Banter Almonds 2019

Mite Banter Grapes 2017

Mite Banter Almonds 2017