As digital media continues to grow in reach and usage, 2016 is the year to add digital to your media plan. Whether you currently use and have success with traditional media such as radio, television, print or direct mail, or you want to diversify your media, digital offers powerful opportunities for your business.

Grow Your Business in 2016

1. Digital connects with difficult-to-reach consumers that avoid traditional media, estimated to be as high as 35% of the US adult population.

2. Digital creates engagement, touches, and develops regular and frequent contact with your core, current and past customers between their normal purchasing or buying cycle.

3. Digital helps attract potential new customers who have similar interests and buying patterns of current and past customers.

Why Digital Works

4. Your digital presence or content is targetable by customer, age group and geography. Reach the customers you want to reach and eliminate media waste.

5. Frequent updates & posts to your social media sites, website, and YouTube channels boosts your standing in search engine listings (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

6. Frequent contact generates much greater customer-business engagement, "touches" that strengthen customer's awareness of your business and creates a stronger customer-business relationship.

7. Frequent updates and posts help curb customer loss and erosion to competitors. Digital can be used to successfully grow referrals and encourage current customers to buy more often.

The Power of Digital | How to Advertise Without Advertising

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