The Power of Audio

For every script, there is a voice: every message, just the right soundtrack.

Listen to any memorable radio ad, watch any good movie, web video or television program and the experience is always enhanced by the power of audio. Audio has the power to excite, to motivate, to rally around a cause and yes, even bring people to your place of business.

Everyday in our recording studios, there’s something magical that happens when script, music, sound design and voice come together to create a memorable experience. When the magic happens we know we've created something that's more than just a message but a sound that people want to experience.

You advertise to get results. At Audio Concepts, we deliver results by adhering to one simple guideline.

Define and produce to the medium.

Radio commercials are more than just spoken print ads, just as television spots are more than radio commercials with pictures. Every medium speaks to its audience differently and an effective soundtrack utilizes the strength of the medium in which it is presented.

For radio, we think visual. Great soundtracks paint a picture using the canvas of sound and whether the script is provided or written by our creative team,  keep it simple!  Communicate the core concept. Avoid the temptation to fill with copy, instead use the time to let the concept resonate.  Communicate what makes you different and you will not only Be Heard, but will motivate customers to buy.

Once we cast from our World Class Voices, or any one of the hundreds we work with each year, we bring it all together in the studio.

Music and sound design drive the commercial. They set the stage, create the energy, and enhance the character and emotion. With sound design, we complete the picture and the paint the landscape for your message. With over 500,000 music tracks and tens of thousands of sound effects, we'll produce a soundtrack that is effective and memorable.

Once recorded and edited, your message is mixed in our state of the art studios utilizing the industry standard platform, the best virtual plug-ins, outboard processing and some of the most experienced ears in the business to give you an edge on air or online .

From concept to commercial to website, to station distribution, Audio Concepts has the talent, the tools, knowledge and creativity that successful advertisers depend.

Want your radio and television to stand out.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you Be Heard!