THE CON | Global Premiere

" What Went Wrong "

In 2007 a contagion of foreclosures began sweeping the country, ultimately leading to the financial crisis of 2008. What went wrong is the question THE CON, a 5-part documentary series, seeks to answer when it premieres Wednesday August 5th. 

Episode 1 begins in Akron, Ohio,  as investigators piece together the tragic story of 91 year old
Addie Polk, who lost her home and her life to greed and corruption during the 2008 housing crisis.    

From writer/director Eric Vaughan, producer Patrick Lovell and executive producer Adam Bronfman, THE CON is an in-depth investigation into the 2008 financial collapse nine years in the making. The financial meltdown just over a decade ago continues to resonate for the billions of
dollars in government bailouts that were handed out to companies deemed "too big to fail.

The most comprehensive investigation into the 2008 financial crisis. Who did it. Why it happened. And how. THE CON is the reason everything continues to be so screwed up.

Created and produced by Red Point Digital, Audio Concepts worked with the Akron based team to record narration, sound design, audio post production and final mix for the 5-part series. 

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THE CON Series Trailer