Did Thanksgiving Get Run Over By A Reindeer?

Sandwiched between Halloween and New Years is a truly American holiday set aside to express our appreciation for all we have and enjoy individually and as a country.


Over the years we've heard the story of the pilgrims first Thanksgiving;  The Thanksgiving proclamation signed by George Washington, and how Abraham Lincoln designated the fourth Thursday in November as a day of Thanksgiving in 1863 creating the federal holiday we now enjoy.  The concept of Thanksgiving was so ingrained in the American culture that POWs celebrated their liberation at the end of WWII with a dinner of Thanksgiving. Yet today, all this seems to get lost.

Did Thanksgiving get run over by a reindeer?  Maybe, as a friend said, its just that Thanksgiving has no real commercial appeal.

That may be true,  but I believe being thankful grounds us, humbles us and helps us understand who and what is really important. I recognize that I am very fortunate in that everyday I get to do what I love doing. But I couldn’t do any of it without my family, clients and the great talent with whom we work.

I have been blessed by a loving family that understands and supports what it takes to run a business.  Few entrepreneurs can claim success without the encouragement they receive at home,  so first let me say thank you to my family.

To our clients I would like to express how much we appreciate the opportunities and challenges you provide;  allowing us to create great recordings. This year we have been entrusted with the production of thousands of commercials heard all across the fruited plain and in multiple languages; brand media production for industry leading companies, national television programs and soundtracks for corporate clients throughout the world. Recently a unique sound design project provided an opportunity to work for a major sports franchise. Look for that once its approved by the NFL.

We really do have some of the best clients a studio could ever want and I thank you for each session.

Finally, our business is a collaborative effort of many creative individuals: writers, producers, video editors, voice-over artists and musicians. Each of you contribute greatly and help provide the means for our clients to sound exceptional. Thank you.

So here's to Thanksgiving 2014.

It is my hope that you to have a healthy and a Happy Thanksgiving!