So how much did that free spot really cost you?

Every year I talk to new clients about using radio as part of their marketing mix. Some have had marginal success and upon further discussion, I discover their previous campaigns relied on the in house production services offered at their local radio station. After all the spot was free, why not.?

Which begs the question...Is it the medium or the message?

Actually it’s both. Successful radio advertising relies on proper media placement but just as important, the right message. Both are integral to the advertising success.

If you’re buying radio...Invest in your message.

The bottom line is this: As an advertiser, if you provide creative in the form of a finished spot, you receive what ‘s referred to as the agency discount ( 15% of the media buy) Most of our clients invest that discount in production. They realize that to Be Heard above the noise, they need more than free commercial production.

When it comes to radio production I have a unique perspective. My career has been spent in both radio commercial production studios and professional recording studios. I have produced spots national advertisers and local clients alike. In the professional commercial studio environment we spend more time on one spot than most radio personnel can afford. And most important, as a production service, we rely on the success of our work to retain clients.

At Audio Concepts we craft each commercial to create a distinct call to action and all spots are engineered it to cut through on the air as well. We understand the audience and what motivates them to buy. And we write, cast and produced each commercial to deliver a unique sound for every client.

Radio commercials are not spoken print ads, just like television spots are not radio commercials with pictures. Every medium speaks to its audience differently and the commercials we produced utilize the strengths of that medium. For radio, we think visual. Great radio commercials paints a picture using the canvas of sound and whether the script is provided or written by our creative team we communicate in radio like no other production company.

So is it the medium or the message? It’s both. So get the most out of your media by investing in your message.

Be Heard!
Audio Concepts