A Better Way to Search

A great voice brings more than just a set pipes to a session,  they offer an interpretation that connects with your audience. But how do you find the right voice?  And who has time to listen to hundreds, even thousands of demos?

AUDIO CONCEPTS introduces a powerful, new, search engine to assist in your voice over search.

Search our World Class Voices with ease!
With just a few simple clicks you can search our local, regional and national voices to find the talent to bring your word to life.

Search by Name, Production Type, Gender, Vocal Range,  Union Affiliation, and Typecast.
Quickly fine tune your search by adding criteria.  Mac: Command click - PC Control click

Share:  Once you've achieved the results you want,  Share your search with other members of the creative team.
Simply copy the url into your email.

Schedule:  Found the right voice?  Schedule your talent and session when you contact us.
Of course, if you need any assistance with casting,  Contact Us at AUDIO CONCEPTS.

Simplify your casting when you Search Voices at AUDIO CONCEPTS.