Q1 2015 Newsletter

Be Bold, Be Different, & Be Heard in 2015
Under Masthead-Metro Session
If the last 20 years have shown us anything,  it’s that companies that dare to be bold, different if you will, bring more innovative products and services to market and consistently gain market share over those that simply follow.

One of our generations most innovative thinker was Steve Jobs, with his creation and recreation of Apple , NeXT Computer and the success of  Pixar to name just a few of his innovations. Numerous books on the subject can be found including the Amazon best seller “Creativity Inc”.  However we found an excellent example of different thinking and marketing right in our own midst.

Typically, we mention  “ The Marketing Minute with Chris Jensen ”  after the articles and industry news; however,  a recent podcast we produced sparked Innovation as our cover story and provides an excellent example of how any business can think differently and be heard!

This particular podcast features a voice over artist with whom we work,  and the story he tells is indicative of how successful entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs innovate to cut through the clutter.

Marketing Minute with Chris Jensen: Episode 10


If you review all podcasts, one common thread becomes apparent. Everyone of? our participants is, above all, an excellent marketer;  they know their market,? know the medium in which to reach their audience and present a message? that compliments that media experience, and know how to tell their story in a compelling way that captures the attention of their market.

So why write about marketing to marketing professionals?

Clients can cause us all to get off track.  Many don’t have the stamina to maintain a marketing plan,  or they chase the latest media buzz thinking it contains the magic elixir that will bring willing customers. Plus, with an increasingly fragmented media, never before has what we do been more important to our clients. No longer is it good enough to just place an ad and expect great results. We have to speak in a way and place our audience wishes.
Steve Jobs rejuvenated Apple by challenging them to “Think Different”.  At Audio Concepts, we believe it is our duty, our calling really, to advise and challenge our clients to Be Bold, Be Different and Be Heard in 2015

Meet The Voices of Audio Concepts: Paul Tapie'


An award-winning voice over talent, TV Host and morning drive radio personality, Paul’s characters and impersonations are known across the nation and heard on spots for Raid, Goodyear, McDonald's Bruegger's Bagels and more.

For over 20 years Paul has been our go-to guy for unique characters and has been the one voice on many multi-voice productions,  creating characters for corporate presentations, commercials and videos.

Paul brings his experience as a creative director and copywriter to each session. Read more about Paul & listen to his many demos at Linkedin or visit our World Class Voices

Sound Design for Video:  The Long Walk

For the holidays, the West Virginia Department of Transportation provided a humorous take on a serious problem.

For this commercial sound design was critical: creating the winter blizzard, snow crunching under foot,  and subtle sound design elements that help move the story along without any dialog or voice over.

Produced by Eric Vaughan
VO: Dan Dunlap.

Industry News:

ESPN to Test Web Auction Sales
Announced in December 2014, ESPN is to test selling ads for their new “SportsCenter” highlight show through a web-based auction instead of relying on the traditional method of taking orders through sales representatives, according to The Wall Street Journal.
The sports’ media giant’s decision is one of the most aggressive moves to date by a television network to embrace the automated advertising sales tactic used in the online ad world.  While ESPN will still rely on traditional sales to fill the majority of their avails on “SportsCenter”, the company sees promise in their evolving proprietary sales technology and wants to be able to offer it to clients who are shifting their dollars to digital outlets. The ads will air on a giant 13 x 10-foot video wall during “SportsCenter” and will be sold to one advertiser per show.

audio TRENDS:

Vinyl makes a comeback in 2014
2014 saw an increase in vinyl record production, an estimated 49% increase over a year ago sales. Driving this trend, according to The Wall Street Journal is that younger, especially indie rock,  fans are buying in greater numbers,  attracted to the perceived superior sound quality of vinyl and the “ritual of putting the needle to the grooves”. While the sales of 8 million units is increasing, it certainly will not overtake CD or digital downloads.

Recent Productions:

Summa Health System:
Knox Marketing created a series of radio & TV brand commercials for Summa Health System. Working together with creative, we assisted in the voice over casting, recording and mixing for television. For radio, we recorded location sound, voice and provided music.

Writer: Cathy Chapman
Producer: Michelle Snyder
Voice: Dan Nachtrab

Summa Health System Radio

Kraftmaid Cabinetry:
Kraftmaid Cabinetry, one of northeast Ohio's leading manufacturers, creating custom cabinetry like no other company. This video shows how it continues to offer a superior product through their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
HFA produced the Plant Experience video for Kraftmaid Cabinetry.

Writer/Producer: Cheryl Boehm

Personally Speaking:

Happy New Year!  Albeit somewhat belated.
As we begin 2015, I thought a look at innovation would be a stimulating topic.
I hope you found Mark’s story worth listening. While always relevant, we seem to reflect more at the end of one year and look for ways to improve our business as we begin a new.
Looking at the same challenges with new eyes is how we move forward, embrace change and enhance the client experience.

In 2015 Audio Concepts celebrates its 17th year at our studios on Ira Road in Bath and begins our 29th year in business. In that time we have witnessed and led the transformation from analog to digital recording, commercial delivery from reel to a secure online file delivery system and have grown a voice talent network that was primarily local to international, offering our clients a world of voices that can make any script leap off the page.

How things have changed.

But the essence of what we do remains the same. We still produce each commercial, corporate soundtrack and web production with an ear toward how your audience will be engaged. It always has been and always will be about your client, their story and their success.