Promoting your business is a waste of money

Every business wants to increase sales. Month over month, year over year, it doesn’t matter. Every company is sales driven and budgets are predicated on sales increases.

So, you promote your business. However, unless you’re actually selling your business,  you’re wasting your money. Precious few people buy businesses.


People buy products and people buy services. In most cases, these products and services are bought to make “something else” easier, faster, less expensive or even to make this something else go away entirely. This “something else” is their problem.

So, what do consumers really buy?

They buy solutions to their problems in the form of products and services.

Promoting your business does not provide solutions. The fact that your business is family owned and operated does not solve anyone’s problem. Your 200,000 square feet of warehouse space doesn’t either. Neither do the awards you’ve won, community events that you sponsor or the charities that you support.

Yes, the manner in which you conduct your business, both internally and public facing, are important factors to long term success. Still, it won’t help sales today, or ever, unless prospective customers see a solution – a specific solution to their specific problem.

Successful advertising isn’t “look at me!”

Instead, it’s “we understand your problem. And, we have a solution.”

Does your advertising do that?