Tips to Successful Radio Production.

For over 25 years we have been producing Powerful Radio that gets exceptional results. The memorable and effective commercials include many of these elements.
1. Radio Is Visual
Great Radio paints a picture, use the canvas to its fullest. By utilizing clever copy and realistic sound effects, your can place your audience right where you want them. Whether selling the sizzling steak, the ice cold beverage or a romantic getaway, paint the picture, then, tie in the sales message

2. Script Prep
All too often scripts are too long or too short for the prescribed spot length. Allow time for interpretation. Many of the best takes ever recorded are the first few. Don’t waste good takes because copy is too long.

3. Be Open to Suggestions
Commercial Production is a creative endeavor and the best commercials are the sum of all participants. Each member of the production team brings a unique view to the project. And while the client has final word, many commercials have changed for the better due to a suggestion made in the studio.

4. The Core Concept
Keep is simple! Communicate the core concept - the main thing. The more sales messages crammed in 60 seconds, the less effective your commercial. Although it looks great on paper, remember your audience is not following a script- Keep it simple and the message will come through. Put it in a sentence, then avoid the temptation to fill with copy. Instead spend the explaining what makes you different, or better What do you do or offer that no one else can? Communicate that and your Radio spot will stand out.

5. Give the Listener Something to Look Forward To
It’s a fact that most people perceive a commercial as a 60 second intrusion; so give them something to enjoy and they’ll listen more closely the next time. A number of years ago, I worked with a writer/producer that encouraged innovative sound designs and treatments in his commercials. Whenever we got together in the studio, one of our main objectives was to create something for our audience to enjoy. Something they could look forward to the next time they heard our spots. Many of these spots won awards, but most importantly, they worked. Well, something must have clicked with his clients too because today he is a principle of his own ad agency in Houston.

6. Sell Results, Not Products
Successful products solve problems. Communicate how and your listeners will respond. The listener has a problem. You have a solution. Demonstrate it. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and ask yourself the question "what's in it for me?"

7. What’s Important to Your Audience
The cold hard fact is, most people don't care about your business, unless your product or service is of use to them. To get their attention, you need to talk about what’s important to them. What are their problems? What do they value? Once you've connected, you can offer the solution.

8. Pre-Production
Preparation before a session is essential especially if the talent has to interact with the production elements. Imagine a singer singing without a background track- Pitch and tempo are off. Voice Talent are performers and when the music and SFX are integral to the spot; let them perform to the track. The end result is better and may actually save time in the long run

9. Remember the Listening Environment
Most radio listening happens in the car. Think of your listener. Their attention is focused on other things. Be creative and capture their attention. And, because the attention is somewhere else, repeat the message. State the main point more than once. Either your listener‘s attention is focused on driving or they “Just Tuned In”. Repetition will ensure your commercial message will be heard.

10. Professional Talent
Although this tip may seem self - serving, the majority of commercials that utilize these tips, also employ professional voice talent. The right voice, just like the right copy, music and effects can appeal to your audience better and can help make your radio campaign standout. And isn’t that what advertising is all about.