Podcasting - The innovative way for today's business to Be Heard!

How do you communicate with your current customers?  How do you reach new clients?  Traditional media…direct mail…social media… personal referrals…your website?

Nobody needs to tell you that the media landscape has changed, and the manner in which your customers gather information about you, your company and your competitors has changed with it. People want information that is immediate, easy to digest and in a format that is convenient.

Podcasts are an effective way to differentiate your business. Whether large or small, retail or service, podcasting is a serious tool to help your business stand out.  Let’s explore what makes podcasts unique and how best to incorporate them into your business marketing.

If your business uses traditional media as a promotional tool, podcasts are a great addition to any campaign without the time limitations imposed by other media. When 60 seconds just isn’t enough… podcasting is the way today's business communicates.

One feature that makes podcasting unique to all others is the fact that your listeners choose to receive your message.  And when you present relevant, timely and important information, your subscribers will look forward to future episodes. Plus podcasts are easily shared with friends and colleagues.

If your business is new to electronic marketing communications, podcasting affords the opportunity to distance yourself from the competition and present a level of expertise unavailable in newsletters and mailers. For example, accountants and lawyers may choose to discuss how new regulations effect their business clientele, and the steps necessary for compliance.   While any professional service needs to adhere to industry marketing rules and privacy issues; and no one wants to give away their service, by providing information, not advice, the podcast is an effective way to communicate expertise and ask for contact information.

Much of what we're discussing here already occurs; however in printed form.  So why podcast?  Ask yourself:  When was the last time a client commented on your newsletter, or forwarded a copy of your newsletter to a colleague?   And is anyone really reading those newsletters?

  • Podcasts deliver when your audience is ready to listen - they choose to hear what you have to say.
  • Podcasts are lead generators- Easily forwarded with all your contact information available.
  • Podcasts also help your website. By changing content regularly,  your site will appear more relevant and rank higher in search

For today's business, podcasting is the innovative and effective way to stay in touch with current customers and attract new ones.

Let us know how we can help you Be Heard!

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