June 2014 Newsletter

Under Masthead-Metro Session Are your TV commercials still too loud? We can calm you down.

A year after implementation of The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act or CALM Act, the Federal Communications Commission reports a significant reduction in consumer complaints to the agency. That said, businesses that advertise on broadcast, cable and satellite television still must make sure their commercials comply with the federal standard for loudness. Specifically, the CALM Act directed the Federal Communications Commission to establish rules that requiring TV stations, cable operators, satellite TV providers or other multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs) to apply the Advanced Television System Committee’s (ATSC)  A/85 Recommended Practice ("ATSC A/85 RP") to commercial advertisements they transmit to viewers. The Commission relies on consumer complaints to monitor industry compliance with the rules. While the rules specifically place the responsibility for controlling loudness on cable operators and broadcasters and other media outlets,  as commercial content providers, we need to supply content that meets the ATSC A/85 RP standard. If commercial content is provided to media outlets outside of these specifications, and deemed noncompliant it's rejected.  At Audio Concepts, we have invested in mastering and metering to insure that all television commercials we mix meets this standard. If you're concerned about the loudness of your television commercials and how to make sure your business complies with the federal standards, please contact us.

Meet The Voices of Audio Concepts

Audio Recording Voiceover Cherie McClain is one of our most frequently requested voice over artists. No matter the copy, Cherie can bring it to life with a unique twist that gets noticed on air, online or in your presentation

Video_Recording Voiceover

Bill Ward has been a regular voice over contributor for our clients for over 20 years. His versatility, zany sense of humor and national experience has taken many ordinary scripts and made them extraordinary.

Cherie McClain

Bill Ward  

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Sound Design for Video:

Extreme or subtle, it’s a great soundtrack that completes the visual experience. This month we showcase a commercial that was especially fun to to work on.  A combination of Foley work, stock sfx and music and tracking the VO over ISDN; were employed to tell the story for  West Virginia's “ Click It or Ticket “ campaign.

For this particular commercial, sound design was critical. With just a script, we auditioned and assembled sound effects from our library, created foley effects in studio and outdoors, plus recorded additional elements during the final mix to complete the story. While we can all relate to this poor guy's situation, the  message is conveyed almost exclusively through sound and picture.

Producer:  Eric Vaughan for StoneKap Productions Voiceover: Dan Dunlap

This Month in Music:

1915: Guitar Legend and multi-track recording inventor Les Paul is born
1967: The Beatles release Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
1969: John Lennon & Yoko Ono record Give Peace a Chance
1971: New York’s Fillmore East, the heralded rock venue closes
1983: U2 records “Live at Red Rocks: Under a Blood Red Sky,”
1989: At New York’s Radio City Music Hall, The Who performs their rock opera “Tommy “ in its entirety.
2002: The very first Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is held in Manchester, Tennessee

Recent Productions:

Metro Parks Serving Summit County
New animated video for proper pet etiquette, or PETiquette

Animation: Artists, Inc.
Video Edit: RPL Television Productions
Voices:  Hevin Hampton & Katie Malczewski

Highlands Health System:
New radio featuring talents of all ages
Writer/Producer: Mike Hudock

After Hours: Perfectly Safe
Cardiac: Lilly
Cardiac: Where Will Your Heart Lead You
Black & Blue Clinic

Voices include: Mark Cardnella, Anne Gayley, Pete Palmisano, Colin Buyskes

Industry News:

Ad Giants Nix Merger of Equals Too Big To Merge? The biggest news in the advertising industry in 2013 was abruptly called off in May 2014. After much fanfare “the merger of equals” Omnicom Group and Publicus Group SA scuttled their deal.

According reports in The Wall Street Journal, the deal had been “ challenged by battles over position and power. Difficulties in getting tax and other regulatory approval and which company would be listed as the acquirer”. Were the two giants just too big to merge?  Or did their cultures collide?  How will this effect other pending mega mergers such as Comcast's acquisition of Time Warner Cable or AT&T's purchase of DirectTV?

Personally Speaking:

After an unusually cold winter and rainy spring, the fox and her kits and the doe and her fawns are back in our corner of the world. Its good to finally see spring in full bloom as we prepare for the fun of summer. Landscaping, grilling,  baseball, biking, hiking and graduations are just some of the fun June has to offer.Not to mention the start of the summer vacation season.

June is also a time to celebrate Fathers. So Happy Father's Day to all the men who are fathers or have been like fathers to you. Personally speaking, two of the greatest thrills I have ever experienced where the days my daughters were born. Both have grown to be outstanding individuals, dedicated to their work and strong in their convictions. Jane & I could not be any prouder.

I hope you enjoy all that June has to offer with the ones that are important to you.





New Podcast:  The Marketing Minute

Successful businesses, no matter the size or industry need to invest in marketing if they expect to continue to grow. And while sales and marketing are sometimes referred to interchangeably, its marketing that drives sales. Beginning this month Audio Concepts introduces a new Podcast series dedicated exclusively to marketing. Listen in as we interview successful solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs & marketing professionals from advertising, social media, profit & nonprofits enterprises. We’ll explore digital and traditional media, and how each contribute to marketing success. Hear our latest Podcasts