Happy 4th of July

It's the 4th of July weekend  and the sports fans of northeast Ohio have a lot to cheer about.

With the U. S. making a good showing in the World Cup, the Cavs first round draft pick and the Indians in the middle of  the AL Central.  Even in the off-season, there’s always talk about football around here. And this year is no different with Browns fans gearing up for 2014.  There's a lot of discussions over our new quarterback, Johnny Football Manzell Is he the real deal? We'll just have to wait and see.

And as we gather with family and friends this Independence Day, may I suggest that we take a break from the action and reflect about the freedoms we enjoy.

The “American Experiment” has been going strong for 238 years and unlike any nation before was founded on the principle of individual liberty and freedom. Our founding documents state that the government derives its authority from the governed. Whether you study recent world events or are a student of history, you'll recognize how profoundly revolutionary that idea was and still is.

As Americans, we have been given one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed...the freedom to pursue our dreams.

I hope you have an enjoyable 4th and the rest of your summer.