Tips to Improve Your Halloween Event Marketing 

 1)  Use the power of the medium: Great haunted house and Halloween event marketing production utilizes the full power of audio. Radio was once called "the theater of the mind"  for its ability to plant an idea in the listener's head. When you're promoting your particular event use all the elements of sound to convey the excitement, the fear and the fun they will have.  Music sound effects and voice are critical to your message, but leave something for the listener to imagine. When they can imagine,  they're engaged and can see themselves attending your event.  

2. Make it a unique event Halloween is the second biggest commercial event of the year and there will be plenty of advertisers vying for the same consumer. What makes your event unique. What do your core customers say on social media about your haunted attraction?   Chances are, your customers will be going out with friends and looking for an entertaining destination.  Promote what makes you unique and make your event sound larger than life. 3. The Core Concept Keep is simple! Communicate the core concept. Halloween is pure entertainment, don't overload your message, keep it entertaining. The more messages that crammed in 30 or 60 seconds, the less effective your message will be.  Keep it simple and the message will come through. 

4. Remember the Listening Environment Most radio listening happens in the car. When you think of how the listener receives your message you can deliver it in an effective way  Be creative, capture their attention and repeat. State your main point more than once. Either your listener‘s attention is focused on driving or they “Just Tuned In”. Repetition will ensure your commercial message will be heard.


5. Give the Listener Something to Look Forward To Halloween commercials are perfect for this. Unless you're in the advertising business a commercial as an intrusion; so give your listeners something to enjoy and they’ll listen more closely.  A number of years ago, I worked with a writer/producer that encouraged innovative sound designs in his commercials. Whenever we got together in the studio, one of our main objectives was to create something for our audience to enjoy. Something they could look forward to the next time they heard the spots. Many of these spots won awards, but most importantly, they worked. So well in fact that today he is a principle of his own ad agency and I am the owner of my own studio.

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