Scoring for Tampa Bay

Audio design for the Buccaneers


This week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced their long anticipated renovation of Raymond James Stadium with an audio track produced by Audio Concepts . The soundtrack accompanied the video at the Buccaneers press conference.  With no voiceover to tell the story, sound was critical. By working closely with Akron-based animation studio, Sanctuary Software, Audio Concepts' sound design enhanced the visual experience and built upon the excitement Buccaneers fans have for the Tampa Bay franchise and their stadium.

The final track consisted of selections from our extensive music and sound effects libraries, custom design elements and original foley work recorded in studio.

For every sound design session, our objective is to produce the drive behind the motion. We understand sight and sound combine into the ultimate media experience, and believe that its more than just the music we select that makes a statement, its what we do with it that sets the trend.

Today. with more video production being finished in-house and mixed in a less than ideal environments,  savvy producers know the mix we provide makes the difference between an average and an exceptional video.

At Audio Concepts, we’ve created the right environment for your video mix. We have the tools to ensure your audience will hear your mix as you intended and our innovative sound designs enhance, captivate and engage, creating the kind of involvement today's digital consumer demands. By bringing a world of audio visualization to each project, we create the sound that tells your story, grabs the listener, and keeps your viewer engaged.

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