Angels On Track

Driving in Ohio can be dangerous due to the hazards at many of Ohio’s railroad crossings. With this year’s travel expected to be busier than ever, drivers need to approach all crossing with caution.

To create awareness to these dangers, Audio Concepts worked with Angels On Track to produce a broadcast campaign designed to address these problems. The creative team wrote, cast and directed the radio and television PSAs that will air throughout Ohio this summer.

Angels On Track 2021 Radio

Relaxing Drive

Crystal Clear

Thanks to the voices selected to participate in this year’s campaign:
Bob Roberts
Elmahdi Eltayeb
Mary Van Vorst

Angels on Track is dedicated to reducing the hazards at railroad crossings by improving visibility and eliminating obstructed views at railroad crossings in Ohio. Find out more and report bad railroad crossings, at

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Voice Casting

Statistic :30 TV

Danger Lurks :30 TV